Coconut Hydro Gelée

$ 28.00

  • SUPER HYDRATION, LIGHTWEIGHT FEEL: The perfect daily serum for face and skin that feels light as a feather and applies smooth as silk. Suitable for all skin types, Hydro Gelée soaks into the skin without any stickiness or residue. Infused with organic coconut and jojoba oils, Hydro Gelée nourishes the skin leaving it supple and glowing. Follow with a heavier moisturizer or leave as-is. Ideal for using when skin is dehydrated or lacking it’s lustre. Also works well when used under makeup!
  • FOR FACE AND SKIN: For soft, supple, face and skin. It helps to eliminate blemishes, dark spots on face, wrinkles, age spots and stretch marks. Gluten and wheat-free hyaluronic acid infused with the anti-aging, essential fatty acids & nutrients of organic jojoba and coconut oil.
  • HYALURONIC ACID: Aging slows down the body’s production of this natural molecule, robbing your skin of hydration and collagen production. Hydro Gelée contains the optimal amount of hyaluronic acid to restore youthful, soft, supple face and skin.
  • GENTLE INGREDIENTS & MADE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Very effective for when needing a hydration boost for your skin that is suitable for all skin types even those with very sensitive skin. Hydro Gelée is proudly made in the USA, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance, dye, and cruelty-free.

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