About us - The Coconut Story

Hi there, my name is Heather and I am the founder of COCO & CO. Nice to finally meet you. I just wanted to take this moment to quickly introduce myself and to also really tell COCO & CO.’s brand story from how it all started, why coconut, what makes us unique and our vision for the brand moving forward into the future. In writing this formal but informal letter, my goal is to make sure that everyone has a better understanding of what we offer and our purpose is crystal clear (like our raw coco raw oil) - Hehe, no pun intended. Because many of you who have visited us, or have even seen us on social might still be curious as to WHY we have this coconut oil product, marketing it for beauty and $20 a jar at that - sounds a bit crazy but after reading through, I’m hopeful that every one of the readers will have a clear understanding as to why we do what we do, offer the products that we offer and how it can positively impact and very beneficial for you and your family! So.. here we go! - WHY - HOW - VISION - MISSION