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Pure, Clean & 100% RAW

  • The ultimate skin and beauty product for thicker, fuller hair & younger, supple skin.
  • Exceptionally high-grade, ultra pure and premium. Pure, clean & 100% raw, organic, extra virgin and unrefined coconut skin oil.
  • RAVING FIVE STAR reviews from our COCO & CO. coconut skin squad.

Stop using cooking grade coconut oils on your skin! This amazingly pure extra virgin organic coconut oil won't clog pores and has all essential vitamins and nutrients for hair & skin.

The many uses but not limited to:

  • Skin Lotion/Moisturizer for Radiant, Glowing, Supple Skin
  • Hair Mask/Hot Oil Treatment
  • After-sun Care
  • Oil-pulling Naturally
  • Helps to Freshen Breath
  • Gentle, Yet Effective Make-up Remover
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Cheekbone Highlighter
  • Shaving Oil
  • No-rinse Shower Oil
  • Belly Balm
  • Baby Skin Soother


Ingredients: 100% Cocos nucifera (coconut) Oil*
*organic ingredient

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Clean & 100% Raw.

Coconut Oil Highlights

CLEAN & 100% RAW

Organic, All-Natural & GMO Free, Fairtrade & Sustainably Harvested, Vegan & Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

Achieve super-glowy skin and flowing, luxurious hair you've always dreamed of with our award-winning Raw Coconut Oil made for beauty. This simple yet coconut-powered multi-tasking beauty oil quickly absorbs and hydrates your skin to help with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness and elasticity to your skin.

Treat your bod from head-to-toe as a self-care, skin moisturizing, deep hair conditioning, belly balm and baby skin soothing beauty oil that's packed with serious skin benefits for the whole bod and family. Comes in three sizes, perfect fit for your vanity, bedside table, bathroom counter, tub or shower so that you can enjoy your favorite multi-tasking beauty oil wherever you need.


Fragrance-free, Natural Clean Coconut

Liquid or Solid?

Used either way is perfect! Our Raw Coconut Oil starts turning liquid at 76 °F. Because of the purity of COCO & CO.’s Raw Coconut Oil, you should expect it to be a flawless, clear liquid at 76 °F and above and at cooler temperatures, it is a solid, creamy texture.

Once applied, it will melt and absorb into your skin. Based on your preference, you can keep it in a cool area or refrigerate to keep it in its solid form.

You can also run the jar under warm water if you’d like it in liquid form. It stays fresh and usable no matter how many times it transitions between a liquid and solid.

Why we are different

Specially made for beauty. All-natural, organic and 100% raw coconut oil. COCO & CO. is specially extracted for beauty use, achieving up to 800% the purity of other coconut oils. In other words, it’s a clean, crystal clear, non-smelly, non-greasy coconut oil that contains all of the essential nutrients and fatty acids for your skin and hair.

This beauty oil is free from impurities that can clog your pores, so save your smelly, greasy cooking oil for the kitchen!


100% Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Our satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason, you are not 100% happy with your order, please contact us at here with your name and order number. We will do everything in our power to make things right!

Skin & Body Moisturizer

Perfect for achieving super soft skin, use Raw Coconut Oil and watch your dry skin transform after just the first application. For the best results, use coconut oil right after your shower. It’s perfect for your whole body, including your chapped lips!

Scoop a generous dollop into the palm of your hands, and coconut your whole body, from head-to-toe.

(Quick tip: Apply to damp skin to help lock in moisture!)

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Hair Mask, Conditioner & Oil Treatment

Is your hair in need of some moisture? If your hair is more dry and dull than you'd like, try our raw coconut oil as a deep hair conditioner. Coconut oil penetrates deeper than any conditioner that you can buy at the store.

Since coconut oil is solid until it reaches 76 degrees, you’ll need to scoop a small amount into a separate jar or bowl and run it under some warm water to bring it to its liquid state. After it’s in its liquid state, follow these simple steps for the ultimate at home conditioning treatment. Slather on Raw Coconut Oil from roots to ends on dry or wet hair. Leave-in for a min of 20 min or sleep in it overnight. Shampoo and condition away as you normally would, and voila!

It’s best to use this conditioning treatment on clean hair, so if you haven’t already, wash your hair.Start off by applying the coconut oil at your roots, and work it in really good while making your way down to the ends.

Put your hair up in a shower cap (if you don’t have a shower cap, don’t worry, use a plastic bag!) and let it soak-in for an min of 20 min to an hour or two. The longer the better!

All that’s left to do now is lather, rinse and repeat! Style as usual, and enjoy your beautiful tresses!

(Quick tip: Toss in a bun while it's working it's magic. Lay a towel over your pillow if leaving-in overnight. You also might need to shampoo and condition x2 to fully wash away!)

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Natural Make-up Remover

Massage in a circular motion, Raw Coconut Oil all over face to get into all the crevices your make-up might be hiding in. It also makes it a breeze removing  even waterproof mascara, using coconut oil! There’s no rough scrubbing required, so it could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your delicate eye area. Wipe away the grime with a dry or damp facial cleansing towel or pad.

(Quick tip: Follow with a gentle face cleanser and toner. Re-apply a little Raw Coconut Oil to help retain your skin's natural moisture!)

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"Not your ordinary coconut oil. This is the purest and most absorbant body oil I have ever used!"



    "The best coconut oil I've ever used. HANDS DOWN."


    "There are a very few things in life that are worth every penny. This coconut oil is one of those few things that you will not repent."

  • LISA

    "The only body oil that helped with my dry and itchy skin!"

  • SUN

    "It's the best there is to help remove dry skin. It also makes my hair silky smooth and not greasy. Thanks COCO & CO.!"


    "It's very smooth and makes my skin glow!"


    "Believe what the company says about PURE ORGANIC VIRGIN for skin, hair and face."


    "This coco oil is a great moisturizer for my dry skin especially in the winter! After showers, I put it on my skin and it stays hydrated the whole day. It just feels clean."

  • ARA

    "Totally autoship worthy. Always an empty on my vanity!"