Tri-pack Bundle, 8oz BESTIE Jars (3-pack)

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Pure, Clean & 100% RAW

  • The ultimate skin and beauty product for thicker, fuller hair & younger, supple skin.
  • Exceptionally high-grade, ultra pure and premium. Pure, clean & 100% raw, organic, extra virgin and unrefined coconut skin oil.
  • RAVING FIVE STAR reviews from our COCO & CO. coconut skin squad.

Stop using cooking grade coconut oils on your skin! This amazingly pure extra virgin organic coconut oil won't clog pores and has all essential vitamins and nutrients for hair & skin.

The many uses but not limited to:

  • Skin Lotion/Moisturizer for Radiant, Glowing, Supple Skin
  • Hair Mask/Hot Oil Treatment
  • After-sun Care
  • Oil-pulling Naturally
  • Helps to Freshen Breath
  • Gentle, Yet Effective Make-up Remover
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Cheekbone Highlighter
  • Shaving Oil
  • No-rinse Shower Oil
  • Belly Balm
  • Baby Skin Soother

What's included in this bundle:

  • 3 x Organic Coconut Beauty Oil (8oz Bestie Jar) 


Ingredients: 100% Organic Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil


Save your grocery isle coconut oil for cooking, they don't even compare!  Our unique extraction method makes it so pure, it's been lab tested up to 1000% more pure than regular extra virgin coconut oil.  Yes, that makes it fine like silk and clear as spring water!

Quality oil won't go rancid or clog your pores!  This exceptionally pure coconut oil has more of the essential vitamins and nutrients for your hair, skin and body!

COCO & CO.'s Virgin Coconut Oil is smooth with a light coconut scent that is a true delicacy.  It will readily melt in your mouth or on the palm of your hands. This is a favorite coconut oil for those who eat it right off the spoon or use it in their everyday beauty routine.

Made from freshly pressed coconut milk, chilled and separated, this coconut oil remains raw and heat is never used in it's processing. It is an absolutely pure and fabulous organic coconut oil for your beauty and health.

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