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Coconut Oil at the Beach

We’re heading to the beach and what better friend to bring than COCO & CO. Beauty coconut oil! Here are some easy ways to incorporate our coconut oil into your beach vacation!


Coconut oil is an amazing product to have on hand while sitting out in the sun. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals, unlike most sunscreens, and it is packed full of vitamins for your skin. Usually while tanning, your skin is stripped of many nutrients; however, coconut oil adds fatty acids to your skin to keep it moisturized. Coconut oil is also great for tanning because it provides a layer of protection to reflect UV rays!


COCO & CO. Beauty coconut oil is also great for sunburns. With sunburnt skin comes itching and peeling but coconut oil will help moisturize the skin effectively to avoid any irritation to the skin which means, no peeling!

Hair mask!

After spending the day in salty air and water, your hair tends to feel a little on the dryer side. All you need is coconut oil to add to your hair, leave on for an hour, and then wash out! You can add other ingredients to give you more benefits; however, COCO & CO. Beauty coconut oil works great on it’s own!

Facial Moisturizer!

Just as coconut oil works for the body, applying a thin layer of coconut oil to your face after a long day in the sun, helps nourish the skin and restore it back to it’s original healthy self. Coconut oil also gives your skin a soft glow so go ahead, ditch the highlighter, all you need is COCO & CO. Beauty coconut oil!

We hope these tips help! Bring COCO & CO. Coconut Oil for Beauty on your next beach trip and let us know how you enjoy it! Don’t forget to tag #beautyinajar and @coconutandcompany!


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