Raw Coconut Oil

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Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil Raw Coconut Oil Raw Coconut Oil Raw Coconut Oil Raw Coconut Oil Raw Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut Oil

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Treat your bod from head-to-toe as a self-care, skin moisturizing, deep hair conditioning, belly balm and baby skin soothing beauty oil that's packed with serious skin benefits for the whole bod and family. Comes in three sizes, perfect fit for your vanity, bedside table, bathroom counter, tub or shower so that you can enjoy your favorite multi-tasking beauty oil wherever you need.
Skin & Body Moisturizer: Scoop a generous dollop into the palm of your hands, and coconut your whole body, from head-to-toe. (Quick tip: Apply to damp skin to help lock in moisture!)

Hair Mask: Slather on Raw Coconut Oil from roots to ends on dry or wet hair. Leave-in for a min of 20 min or sleep in it overnight. Shampoo and condition away as you normally would, and voila! (Quick tip: Toss in a bun while it's working it's magic. Lay a towel over your pillow if leaving-in overnight. You also might need to shampoo and condition x2 to fully wash away!)

Make-up Remover: Massage in a circular motion, Raw Coconut Oil all over face to get into all the crevices your make-up might be hiding in. Wipe away the grime with a dry or damp facial cleansing towel or pad. (Quick tip: Follow with a gentle face cleanser and toner. Re-apply a little Raw Coconut Oil to help retain your skin's natural moisture!)

Shaving Oil: Help minimize razor burn by using an all-natural alternative to your store-bought shaving creams and gels. Apply sparingly to legs and shave as you normally would. (Quick tip: Make sure to take your time and use gently stroking, upward motions. Apply more oil as needed!)
Specially made for beauty. All-natural, organic and 100% raw coconut oil. COCO & CO. is specially extracted for beauty use, achieving up to 800% the purity of other coconut oils. In other words, it’s a clean, crystal clear, non-smelly, non-greasy coconut oil that contains all of the essential nutrients and fatty acids for your skin and hair. This beauty oil is free from impurities that can clog your pores, so save your smelly, greasy cooking oil for the kitchen!
100% Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
*Organic Ingredient

The Beauty of Raw

The best kept secret to flawless, youthfully radiant skin. It’s jam-packed with revitalizing fatty acids and vitamins that penetrate deep to enhance and help regenerate your skin’s healthy glow from within.

Achieve a supple, flawless glow with little effort! This simple yet coconut-powered beauty oil quickly hydrates your skin to help with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness and elasticity to your skin.

  • Clean, Organic & 100% RAW
  • Fair-trade, Vegan, Gluten-free and Cruelty-free
  • The ONLY High-grade Raw Coconut Oil Specially for Skin + Beauty Use
  • Non Greasy - Silky Texture and Super-fine for Fast Absorption
  • No Foul Odor, 100% Pure with a Clean Texture and Smell
  • 100% Exceptional Purity with No Discoloration

Why Raw Coconut Oil for Skin

Highly Absorbent, Lightweight Feel

Highly absorbent without leaving the after feel of greasiness you would with other coconut oils. Our Raw Coconut Oil is especially extracted for skin and beauty use, achieving up to 800% the purity of standard coconut oils (not your grocery isle coconut oil) while maintaining the beneficial vitamins and nutrients for skin, hair and body... even baby too!

Why people love our raw coconut oil

Autoship Worthy

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"Very impressed! I've been using various coconut oils for my skin/hair care for about 20 yrs. I think this brand is by far my favorite! A little goes a long way. Leaves my dry skin very hydrated, super soft and not greasy at all. Autoship worthy!"

Cheri M.
October 12, 2021

Works Wonders

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I absolutely love how this product makes my skin feel! I have tried a lot of moisturizers but definitely found the one I will be sticking with in this product! I have sensitive skin and it works wonders!"

Vickie V.
September 19, 2021

Shiny and Glowing

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"This is the best coconut oil I've ever tried! My hair is extremely dry and this adds luster and shine. Deeply moisturizes each strand and my skin is glowing!"

Meerah B.
May 20, 2021

Liquid or solid?

Purity in either form

Flawlessly clear (when liquid) and a velvety, snow white (when solid) - raw coconut oil can be used in either form. Store in a cool/refrigerated area to keep solid or run under warm water to transform to liquid. It stays fresh and useable no matter how often it transitions between the two.

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A Million Ways to Glow

There are obviously a million ways to use coconut oil but the way you use it, is what makes it extra special.

Flaunt your glow by tagging, emailing, dm-ing us your pics and/or videos so we can flaunt how you glow with coco!